Huxley 's Unique Take on The Face Sheet Mask

Huxley's Story

Named after the visionary author Aldous L. Huxley, the fundamental principles of this Korean skin care brand aims to live up to Huxley’s most famous book, “Brave New World”. Borrowing from knowledge passed down from generations of Berber women from the Sahara Desert, Huxley uses bold ingredients from organic sources such as prickly pear seed oil and cactus extracts to create products that naturally heal, strengthen and repair skin.  

Benton's Story

The Snail Bee formula that became a worldwide skincare phenomenon was brought to you by the much-celebrated Korean brand, Benton. In its unusual combination of snail secretion used to heal skin and bee venom used to firm and smooth skin, Benton stayed true to its pursuit of bringing quality, unique, and beneficial ingredients to assist their customers in achieving healthy, youthful skin.       

Pyunkang Yul's Story

Pyunkang Yul thoroughly and meticulously formulate their skin care products with only necessary ingredients. With only a handful of ingredients in each product, Pyunkang Yul emphasizes simplicity (which is reflected in their modest yet distinct blue bottles), does not lack in effectiveness. Without useless fillers or excessive water, Pyunkang Yul, breaks away from industry norms to pursue its passion of introducing genuine, pure skincare products.

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