Skin's Most Essential Vitamin

Posted on October 06 2017

Skin's Most Essential Vitamin

We all want to look good, and our skin is one of the most visible ways to do so. As a result, it is essential that we take extra care of it.  

Over the years, research has shown that the body only delivers a portion of the nutrients your skin needs to keep its glow, and no matter how many vitamins you ingest, your skin needs, even more, to be at its best. Of all the vitamins your skin needs, however, vitamin C is the most essential. It does more for your skin than most of the other vitamins put together.

Given how popular vitamin C is in most products we ingest; it is likely that you are already eating as much of it as your body needs. Consuming vitamin C orally helps to strengthen your skin, nails, and connective tissues.

This is good, but it could be better. After all, your body cannot direct vitamin C to that dark spot or to the wrinkled area. While orally consumed vitamin C works its magic in your body, you can enhance its effectiveness by applying vitamin C products topically.

Here are ways the application of vitamin C is beneficial to your skin

Helps in the Removal of Scars and Marks

Vitamin C helps your body produce more collagen, a nutrient that allows the skin to recover its original glow quicker. As a result, topical vitamin C products help in the removal of acne marks, blemishes, and scars, leaving your skin clear and fresh.

Protects Against Free Radicals

Free radicals (“toxic by-products of oxygen metabolism that can cause significant damage to living cells and tissues”) impede the ability of the skin to regenerate at a normal rate. This is harmful because skin cells are damaged every day, and they need constant regeneration. If they don’t, there is an inherent threat of skin cancer. These toxic materials also deplete collagen, causing aging signs, dark spots, and wrinkles. Vitamin C is rich in antioxidants, and application of vitamin C protects you from these free radicals. By doing so, it helps your skin keep its youthful glow.

It Enhances Skin Healing Response

Apart from protecting against free radicals, the antioxidants in vitamin C also help to enhance the immune system of the skin. The skin has an immune system that is responsible for how fast the skin heals after an injury, and applying a vitamin C moisturizing cream to the affected area increases the immune system activities, helping your skin heal quicker as a result.

Vitamin C helps keep your skin glowing with vibrancy and hydration. While protecting against harmful particles, this essential vitamin replenishes moisture, maintaining your skin’s natural elasticity. 


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