The Miracle Succulent: Aloe Vera

Posted on October 06 2017

The Miracle Succulent: Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera, a cactus-like succulent green plant, has been used for thousands of years by humans for the treatment of a myriad of ailments including burns, psoriasis, cold sores, amongst treating osteoarthritis, bowel diseases, fever, itching, and inflammation. Of the many herbs and healing plants that were passed down to us by our ancestors, none is still as relevant or effective as the miracle plant known as aloe vera. Perhaps the word "miracle" was better suited to be used by our predecessors, nonetheless even with all our technology of today, there is no other ingredient man-made or natural, that is as beneficial to our skin as aloe.

Skin Restoration

If you have noticed, aloe vera has been slowly becoming the fundamental ingredient in today’s cosmetic products with good reason -- crucial to assisting skin with its healing process, the plant’s nutrients are perfect compliments to moisturizers and toners. It’s ability to restore skin tissue combined with its soothing and calming properties make aloe a threat to dry, damaged, dehydrated skin.   

Our skin, while a sophisticated organ in and of itself, still requires us to properly pamper it to maximize its glowing aesthetic potential. The nutrition within aloe, most notably vitamins A, C, E, B1, B6, potassium, calcium, and magnesium, amongst essential amino acids, yield an impressive healthy diet to our skin.

While it is widely known that aloe is highly effectual for the treatment of bug bites, cuts as well as for relieves the symptoms of psoriasis, it is also globally heeded as a natural astringent - reducing bleeding and supporting blood clotting after minor cuts.

It’s ability to accelerate the regeneration of new skin tissue, its effective anti-inflammatory, and cooling properties, and add the must need hydration of our skin come together to help achieve a smoother, natural skin complexion.

Treatment of Acne and Pimples

It is due to the plant’s “miraculous” properties that it became a key ingredient in the fight against pimples and acne. Aloe contains hormones called gibberellins and polysaccharides which embrace anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties used to combat excess oil and bacteria that clog pores.

Use of aloe vera on acne can create a coating which acts as a protective layer, preventing additional infection and allowing healing to take place. Glycol proteins in the plant also assist in reducing the irritation and redness caused by the pimples.

Aloe also helps in contracting the skin that renders the skin pores clean from any deposited sebum, dirt and dead skin cells.

Strengthen Hair Follicles

Aloe Vera gel contains several minerals and vitamins that regenerate hair follicles. The dominant protein in hair known as keratin which has a chemical makeup identical to Aloe Vera. By using aloe vera based products on your hair, you improve elasticity help stopping breakage of soft hair strands. Aloe’s antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory characteristics help to fight fungus, maintain oiliness on the scalp and moderate hydration.

Reduction of Scar

Our skin stretches and contracts just like elastic, adapting to our lifestyle or situation. For instance, during pregnancy skin is stretched to its limits sometimes leaving to consequential, unpleasant stretch marks. These unsightly marks are nothing but minor tears on the skin’s surface layers can be remedied with the regular use of Aloe Vera. Any skin that has been put through stressful situations will welcome the soothing assistance of this miracle plant.

From acne, persistent pimples, scars, hair loss, dryness, irritation, burns it seems that everyone at some point has encountered a problem that Aloe vera can solve. Our skin goes through too much and deserves better than the harmful chemical products used in many of today’s products. Feed your skin with healthy, natural ingredients and your skin will thank you in return.



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