88 Bio-Cellulose Premium Facial Mask Sheet (5 Pack)



Product Details

 DMASK 88 Bio Mask Is formulated with 8 helpful ingredients but without 8 harmful chemicals,

  1. Gold to make the skin pure
  2. Caviar for elasticity
  3. Royal jelly for skin health
  4. Diamonds for gloss and glow
  5. Pearls for bright skin
  6. Truffles for nutritious moisture
  7. Sea Bird’s Nest to supply moisture
  8. Ginseng for youthful skin

Formulated without 8 harmful chemicals Paraben, Silicone, Benzophenone, TEA, SLS, Talc, Mineral Oil and Synthetic Pigment

This formula is further enriched with 82% of ginseng root water to help make skin firm, hydrate, nourish, bright and radiant. Bio-Cellulose mask sheet is made from a naturally fermented coconut juice, which adheres to the face like a second skin to instantly and efficiently infuse essential and innovative skin care ingredients into the skin.

Directions - Gently cleanse and tone the skin. Remove the protective film from the mask sheet. After placing the mask sheet on the face, remove the remaining film. Remove mask after 10 to 20 minutes. Massage remaining product into face and neck.

DMASK is ready to protect any skin type in various circumstances. We provide a different type of mask for a different skin condition each day. No matter when, before the makeup, bedtime or while sleeping, it always gives you the opportunity to have a better-looking skin for tomorrow. High-quality products DMASK products are formulated with most effective ingredients to provide the best possible solution for skin problems. Delightful with the skin DMASK offers a delightful experience with undeniable results by a fusion of our research and development, effective ingredients and modern science. Skin can breathe with DMASK

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