Goodnight Moisture Lasting Sleeping Cream Mask 100 ml/3.38 fl.oz



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DMASK Good Night Moisture Lasting Mask is a powerful moisturizing mask is formulated with 3 layers of hyaluronic acid to feed continuous moisture deep into the dermal layer while locking in vital moisture and nutrients overnight. The mask is also enriched with nourishing aloe butter to provide relaxing properties for a stressed skin while achieving a revitalized complexion next morning. Bulky Gel Network Technology enables active ingredients to be covered by resilient gel-type liposome capsule, and provides watery texture and long-lasting moisture without greasy and sticky residue.

Combinations of 3 hyaluronic acids that have different molecular weights penetrate deep inside of skin

  1. Macromolecule hyaluronic acid It helps strengthen the bond between elastin and collagen of skin and maintain hydrated.
  2. Micromolecule hyaluronic acid It strengthens your skin moisture barrier by hydrating deep inside of your skin.
  3. Super micromolecule hyaluronic acid with 1-200th size of hyaluronic acid, it is easily absorbed to skin and keeps skin moisturized

Aloe - Contains Saponin, which is absorbed very well by the skin. - Alleviates irritation of skin and protects skin from external stimulants.

Coconut - A natural ion drink that softens dry skin - Renew visibly stressed skin from daily UV Combinations of aloe and coconut oil provide moisture and nutrients to skin. Its superior effects on soothing and relieving irritated skin keep your skin healthy by restoring skin damage.

Directions - Without using a cream, massage a generous layer onto the face as the final step of your skincare routine. Leave on overnight and rinse off any excess in the morning.

DMASK is ready to protect any skin type in various circumstances. We provide a different type of mask for a different skin condition each day. No matter when, before the makeup, bedtime or while sleeping, it always gives you the opportunity to have a better-looking skin for tomorrow. High-quality products DMASK products are formulated with most effective ingredients to provide the best possible solution for skin problems. Delightful with the skin DMASK offers a delightful experience with undeniable results by a fusion of our research and development, effective ingredients and modern science. Skin can breathe with DMASK

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